Brands broadcast live @Jameson festival tour
Brands broadcast live @H&M Block
Brands broadcast live @Shop Roku 2016
Brands broadcast live @Výroční konference Tchibo 2017
Brands broadcast live @Schweppes The Bar
Brands broadcast live @Lexus RX/NX Driving Day
Brands broadcast live PARK
M-Ocean Agency

Brands broadcast live

We create events in the lives of brands and their customers. We build on the brand's strategy, values and position on the market. We think and create. We combine. We find new directions.

We are a full-service event agency as of 2004. Since then, we often corroborated that diligent work, responsibility, cooperation and fairness are what makes an event into a true experience. For you, for your brand and for your clients.

  • company and press conferences
  • announcement-type events 
  • launches of brands and products
  • road show 
  • educational and infotainment projects
  • teambuilding
  • parties
Green Event

No need to spend big on making people like your brand

Green events have minimum impact on the environment.

During the planning and execution stage, we make sure we keep our energy and water consumption low, restrict glasshouse gas emissions, minimise wasting of food, utilise local resources and recycle as much as possible, we also prefer re-usable packaging and equipment.

Still, green events are not much more expensive than the "classic" ones. Would you like to give them a try with your brand?

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